1. Today’s sunset. 4/23/14

  2. obsidiann:





    The basketball players at my school are so weird

    the entire campus is obsessing over these hahahahaha

    my little homies! heyyyyy ej and big willie.

    I think basketball players at all universities are weird.

    I wish the basketball players at my school were half as cute.

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  3. pink-vulva:

    i just wanna be financially stable while doing something i really fucking love and i want healthy relationships that help me evolve into an even better person than i already am! 

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  5. duggygene:

    Never really noticed till now.

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  6. beingliberal:

    Reblog if you agree it’s wrong for the government to make a profit on the backs of poor college students and not taxing billionaires. 

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  8. myownsweetescape:


    What Black Fatherhood looks like.

    My heart!

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  9. teenageshitbeak:

    Let’s play a game called “Do I Lack Motivation in Every Aspect of My Life Because of My Depression or Am I Just Lazy and Scared of Everything”

    My one question in life right now.

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  10. umajanelaaberta:

    oh my god bb

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  13. Anonymous asked: What I don't understand about the Black community is how hitting your children is almost celebrated. I'm still fucked up from being hit by my mom.


    While I know that disciplining your child can walk a fine line with child abuse at times and can be responsible for mental issues…here’s the part where I tell you to stay in your lane.

    Im not sure why the descendants of some of the most brutal oppressors in history suddenly have a conscience about hitting children/other people. But yall still brutally killing our sons and daughters.


  15. doubleclutch:

    Here’s that Kevin Durant shot everybody’s going crazy over…..

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